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Blueprint For Life



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Entertaining the Cleveland Cavaliers in the NBA
Entertaining Members of the Cleveland Indians Baseball Team
With Jay Leno of NBC's The Tonight Show
With Super Bowl Champion Quarterback, Trent Dilfer
With David Robinson, All-Pro Center for the San Antonio Spurs
With Mike Singletary, All-Pro Linebacker of the Chicago Bears
With noted ventriloquist, David Pendleton and his sidekick, Mack
With Mack Brown, head football coach at the University of Texas
With the late Reggie White, All-Pro Lineman for the Green Bay Packers
With Chuck Colson of Prison Fellowship
In 1997, Rick was presented the "Leading the Way" award from KCCI Television in Des Moines, Iowa
With Olympic High Jumper Hollis Conway
With Power lifter, Anthony Clark
One of Many Show-stopping Surprises
The Gas Chamber at the Mississippi State Prison in Parchman
Entertaining Prisoners on Alabama's Death Row
An Inmate on Alabama's Death Row Keeps a Watchful Eye on Rick's Hands
On Stage in "The Yard"
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