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Introduction for Rick Nielsen

Rick Nielsen is the Founder and President of BLUEPRINT for Life. He speaks and entertains for a wide variety of audiences, including corporations, schools, churches and athletic teams.

He is a speaker, magician, juggler and humorist combining these talents to provide a motivational, inspirational and entertaining program.

Rick has been involved in numerous video projects including “The Survival Guide for Teenagers” and hosting videos on parenting and marriage.

Demonstrating a strong commitment to volunteerism, over the past 25 years, Rick has shared his time and talents with thousands of inmates and correctional officers in over 1,000 of America’s toughest prisons. He has worked directly with divers inmate populations, including teaming up with professional athletes, and other entertainers, Rick effectively communicates a message of hope that will last a lifetime.

He is the author of “Doin’ Time,” a book which relates many of his incredible experiences in prisons. In 1997 the book won the prestigious International Angel Award for Excellence in Moral Media.

In 1997 Rick was presented the ‘Leading the Way’ award from KCCI Television in Des Moines, Iowa for caring, creating hope, inspiring others and making a positive difference in the community. In 2005 Rick was inducted into the Iowa Fellowship of Christian Athletes Hall of Fame.

For over two decades he has been a keynote speaker from coast to coast, sharing the platform with many successful people.

Please welcome Rick Nielsen.


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