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Blueprint for Life


Biography of Rick Nielsen

Rick Nielsen has demonstrated on many occasions a unique ability to relate
to audiences of all ages and occupations. Not only is he a dynamic speaker,
he is also a magician, juggler and humorist. These talents are combined to
provide a motivational, inspirational and entertaining program.

After graduating from the University of Northern Iowa, Rick was a teacher
and a coach. Then he became Iowa's first State Director for the Fellowship
of Christian Athletes, coordinating the growth of the program into one of
the strongest in the nations. He founded Blueprint for Life, Inc. in 1984
and as President, speaks and entertains on a national scope. Rick's
diversified abilities provide a platform for him to speak for a wide variety
of organizations.

Since 1984, Rick has given approximately 100 days a year volunteering his
time with the Bill Glass Prison Ministry. Rick's abilities as an
entertainer, speaker, counselor, and leader lend themselves very well to
this unique and challenging arena of service. Working with professional
athletes and lay counselors, Rick effectively communicates a message of hope
that will last a lifetime.

His work includes frequent visits to a number of death rows, segregation
lockdowns, and AIDS wards, and hospital units, and he has been in over 1,000
of America's toughest prisons.

Rick is the author of "Doin' Time", a book which relates many of his
incredible experiences in prisons and features 300 photos contributed by
Pulitzer-prize nominee Ron Kuntz. In 1997, "Doin' Time" won the prestigious
International Angel Award for Excellence in Moral Media.

In 1997, Rick was presented the "Leading the Way" Award from KCCI Television
in Des Moines, Iowa for caring, creating hope, inspiring others and making a
positive difference in the community.

In 2005 Rick was inducted into the Iowa Fellowship of Christian Athletes Hall of Fame.

With messages that address the needs of today's students, he has become one
of the most popular speakers on high school and colleges campuses
nationwide. Areas of work include school assemblies, seminars on drug and
alcohol abuse and on alternative lifestyle, athletic banquets, faculty
workshops, and administrative conferences. He spends an entire day with a
school providing numerous assemblies and seminars that include students from
kindergarten through college, as well as their parents.

Leading business professionals have all agreed that Rick's program is a
sound investment in the success of their companies. The message he delivers
will motivate and inspire employees.

Within the framework of the church, Rick's presentations provide a strong
spiritual challenge, and many a congregation has been encouraged in their
faith from his participation.

Having been an outstanding high school and college athlete, and a coach,
Rick is right at home in the sports world. He is a frequent speaker for high
school, college and professional teams in all sports. He is also involved in
communications workshops and television, and has completed five videotape
projects. He has done tapes on goal setting and self image in two Survival
Guide for Teenagers series, and has served as the host on two five-tape
series on parenting and marriage.

Rick has been a keynote speaker from coast to coast sharing the platform
with some of the most successful people in America and is often asked back,
providing something new and exciting each time.

Blueprint for Life, Inc.
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